The Herreshoff Collection and story are extensive and complex. The time frame is from the 1850s through closure of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in 1946, and beyond, considering the lasting influence of Herreshoff innovations. The Museum has retained Tellart, with specialization in both interactive exhibitions and web design, to help craft an accessible approach to the varied topics. The overarching theme of speed has been chosen because virtually every element of the Herreshoff design collection and legacy has an association with the quest to go faster.



The display sequence above represents access to the digital collections, both online and onsite. A graphic view of all Herreshoff boats can be sorted in various ways. Moving over each boat icon brings up a representative image. Clicking the image brings up a page of images from the database related to this vessel and connections to related types. A demonstration of this collection access tool is available to those who wish to learn more.